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Bowenwork is a gentle and effective manual therapy that balances tension patterns in the body with a series of integrated moves that affect the musculoskeletal framework, fascia, nerves and internal organs. The body's response to Bowenwork improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and results in deep relaxation. 


Bowenwork can assist in recovery from many conditions...


Traumatic Injuries - Overuse Injuries - Migraine - Headache - Fatigue


Neck Pain - Frozen Shoulder - Asthma - Stress Reactions - Arthritic Pain 


Back Pain - Tennis Elbow - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Tight Hamstrings


Knee Pain - Shin Splints - Ankle Sprains - Hammer Toes - Bunions


Ear/Throat Problems - TMJ - Insomnia - Depression - Pain Reduction


60 minutes $65




Renewal Massage
De-stress and find pain relief with a "Renewal Massage" need to decide between relaxation and therapeutic deep tissue pain relief in this custom treatment session. 
    Feel the release of chronic patterned muscle tension through Swedish, acupressure, and deep tissue massage techniques targeting specific areas, relieving overworked muscles, decreasing pain and tension, and increasing range of motion.
    Included in this pampering relief treatment are heated herb infused flaxseed packs providing additional deep muscle release.

 60 min. $65   90 minutes $90
Traditional Thai Bodywork
Experience this unique ancient form of Yoga therapy bodywork that combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching, energy work, and mindfulness. Loose fitted clothing is worn to accommodate treatment, while resting on a specially padded Thai floor mat. 

     Thai massage releases tension, enhances vitality, increases range of motion, flexibility, energy, circulation, and stimulates, relaxes and stretches muscles to their deepest release...leaving you with a sense of complete rejuvenation!

60 min. $75   90 min. $95    120 min. $115

Most Insurance Accepted 

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Table Thai Bodywork The benefits of Thai Bodywork are incorporated into table massage for the best of both worlds...relaxation massage and Thai bodywork! The slow rhythmic Thai stretching and pressing sequences are finished with a comforting deep moisturizing massage of the legs, arms, back, and neck.
60 min. $65    90 min. $95
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Hot Stone Massage

Heated basalt river rock stones are ideal for alleviating pain, stiff, sore muscles, back aches, and melting away stress. Hot Stone Massage is an ancient, deeply relaxing, and grounding therapy. Heated oil and smooth basalt river stones are expertly applied to deeply heat the muscles, melting away pain, tension and stress. 

60 min.  $80   90 min. $105



Japanese Foot Spa Hydrotherapy

 Relax in our Japanese inspired foot spa and let the gentle swirling heated streams of water wash away stress and tension caressing the feet and restoring the spirit. The bottom fully lined with river rocks invite the toes and feet to press against them relieving soreness and tension. Turn up the dual speed pump and find some of the eight jets that line the bowl for an invigorating massage!

30min session $15

5 session monthly package $55

10 session monthly package $95
Japanese Foot Spa

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